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An invitation to give


All Saints’ church is a special place for many of us, whether we worship there on Sundays, visit the churchyard regularly, have good memories of family events held in the building or appreciate the involvement of the church in the community.


We want our church to be there to welcome and serve everyone but we need financial support to do this. Most of the costs of ministry, about £45,000 each year, are met by the giving of our church members. If you could give too, we would be very grateful. 


If you would like to make a regular donation, or a one of donation, you can do so through the Parish Giving Scheme, a simple way of setting up regular donations by direct debit or donating through using a Credit,Debit Card or Apple/Google Pay wallet. The advantage to this scheme is that gift aid is automatically added if you choose, and the donor has an easy way of setting how much/how frequently they donate.


The website is and the link is :

Or scan QR code as attached to take you directly to the site.

Thank you.







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