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How you can support Ukrainians living in our community.


Please support Ukrainian refugees living in our local community


Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine and civilians started fleeing their homes, several Braishfield residents got together to discuss how to help these refugees, setting up the Braishfield Ukrainian Support Group (BUSG).  Some villagers have offered homes and we now have four Ukrainians living in Braishfield with three more guests on their way.  Many villagers are unable to host refugees but are anxious to help by offering services or financial assistance.  Other villages locally are in the same position.


These Ukrainians have come with very little, and the promised financial support from the government for both the host sponsors and the refugees themselves has not been paid.  Whilst several people have donated directly to hosts, the BUSG wants to make it easier for others to donate.  The Braishfield PCC  has kindly offered its bank account to facilitate donations for this purpose and distribute funds where they are needed, primarily in Braishfield and the other villages covered by the benefice.  (See footnote 1)


How to donate


As it seems unlikely that this crisis will be resolved soon, it would provide some longer-term financial security if people could commit to regular giving by standing order, although of course, ‘one-off’ donations will be gratefully received.  Please would you make your donations by on-line banking as follows;


Account name: Braishfield PCC. Sort Code 60-18-46 Account Number 21204470


Reference BUSG (donors surname)


In addition, please could you notify Geoff Briggs of your donation so that he can ensure that these are properly accounted for and do not get lost in the Churches general funds.  Please e-mail Geoff at  Geoff is also prepared to accept cash or cheques from those who are unable to access on-lone banking.


How will the funds be spent?


The aim of the BUSG (2) is to direct any donations to where the need is greatest.  We want to support both the Ukrainian families and their hosts to ensure that hardship is avoided wherever possible.  We will initially support Ukrainians and their hosts within Braishfield and other villages within the benefice, but may provide funds more widely for similar purpose if the need is greater.  Funds may also be used to support any refugees returning to their homes and any eventual surplus may be given to a charity helping with the reconstruction of Ukraine.


  1. This covers Braishfield and its hamlets, plus Farley Chamberlain, Michelmersh, Timsbury, Awbridge and Kings Somborne.


2 The Steering Committee of the BUSG currently comprises: Dorota Koschmidder-Hatch, Ruth Manners, Carole and Steve Renvoize, Rev.Tom Benson and Joe Sofaer with bookkeeping support from Geoff Briggs.

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